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The School Liaison Officer works in conjunction with the Child, Youth & School Services Division and the local school community to address educational issues involving military children. Through partnering with the local and military community, the School Liaison Officer uses a variety of resources to provide assistance with issues concerning student transition. The School Liaison Officer acts as a communication link between the installation and the surrounding school districts.

School Support Services Brochure Here

2014-2015 School Calendar

CYSS Records Transfer

Parent can now have their household file transferred from one installation to another. All you have to do is tell your losing installation that you would like your CYS Services household records transferred. They will ask you for an email account if you do not already have one on file (AKO is preferred).

When you get to your new installation's CYS Services you will just need to let them know you were registered at another location and they exported your household. The clerk will then ask you for that same email address that you gave when they exported your file.

In/Out Processing Procedures

In-Processing Procedures

Each soldier is required to attend the first scheduled Soldier Family Newcomers Orientation upon arrival.  Soldier is required to visit the School Support table to receive information on available academic resources, school information, and contact information for Installation School Liaison Officers.

Out-Processing Procedures

  1. Soldier obtain required Clearance paperwork from IN/Out Processing Center, Bldg 2577 A.
  2. Soldier submits the installation 'School Notification Letter' to the child's school which states you intent to withdraw student from school. The Notification Letter also includes a written request for photo copies of specific documents contained in the student's official records. These documents should be hand-carried to the gaining school.
  3. Soldier requests the school stamp soldier's 'Acknowledge of Receipt' Form, and return stamped form to Bldg. 5384 5th Avenue (School Support Services office) for final clearance stamp.

School Registration and Enrollment

Below are some links to help you find information about your child's school registration.

On Post Registration Information

Off Post Registration Information

Tennessee Enrollment Requirements

Kentucky Enrollment Requirements

Sports and Physicals

Fort Campbell School Information

Zoning and Transportation

School Delays and Closings

Resources and Other Links

Military Handbooks

School Liaison Support Programs

  • School Transition Support - Integration of military children into the local school systems.
  • Installation/School Communication - Representative for issues involving public schools and the military.
  • Education Summit Issues - Youth education initiatives, legislation impacting youth education, etc.
  • Interactive Counseling Centers - This system allows students to hold video-teleconferences with teachers, counselors and other school personnel at schools they are transitioning to.
  • Partners in Education (PIE) - Coordinate partnerships between the community and installation.
  • Post Secondary Opportunities - Assist in preparing youth for the transition from high school to work/college.
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