The 2014 Eagle Challenge Fitness Tour (ECFT) is designed to promote healthy living and lifestyles among all age categories and fitness levels.  The program will consist of a series of fitness events for Fort Campbell and the surrounding communities. 

The program is intended to provide opportunities for fun, fitness and friendship, while enhancing fitness and well-being.  The end-state is to increase levels of resiliency and fitness for Soldiers and their Families, along with citizens in the surrounding communities of Fort Campbell.

The ECFT will consist of a series of fitness events occurring monthly from February through November 2014, both on Fort Campbell and in the surrounding communities.  Each event will have four components to include:  Adaptive reconditioning program for Soldiers; Fitness opportunities for children 8 years and older; Non-competitive opportunities for walkers, novice or beginners; Competitive categories based on gender and age groups.

Everyone who completes 8 of 10 events will receive a Commander’s Gold Medal, those who complete 6 of 10 will receive a Silver Medal, and those who complete 4 of 10 events will receive a Bronze Medal.

For more information email ECFT@fortcampbellmwr.com


Mission: To  promote the Senior Commander’s  Healthy and Active Living Program among all age categories and fitness ranges of the tri-city communities through outdoor adventure and fun.

Vision: Provide the Tri-City community the opportunity for fun, fitness, and lifestyle enhancement through planned monthly events to help improve overall mental resilience and physical fitness.

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"I participated in the first event and did well for my first time out. I am not a very competetive person in general but I can't tell you how badly I want to get that medal at the end of the Eagle Challenge Fitness Tour. Thank you guys so much for coordinating this...I can't tell you how much fun I had and how friendly everyone was!
Thank you again so much. You have given me a healthy avenue to keep my mind and body busy while my husband is in Korea."

Heather W.

"I would like to share my experience with the ECFT.  In February of this year, I was at a pretty low point fitness-wise, and needed to do something extra to get myself in better shape.  I overheard one of my classmates in Battlestaff talking about the USO 10 miler, and on a whim, I signed up to run.  At the same time, I decided that I would run the Marine Corps Marathon in October.  After the 10 miler, I looked out to the marathon, and realized that the events of the ECFT would be great motivators to keep me training for the marathon, as well as benchmarks of my progress.  I have greatly enjoyed participating in the ECFT.  I have met new people along the way, and even got my daughter in on one of the events (Rally on the Cumberland).  I really appreciate the variety of events, and would have to say that the Brutal Fitness 5k was by far the most challenging.  I hope that you continue to do this in the future.  My only suggestion on how to make the events better, would be to have more events that could be done by teams.  Perhaps you could have a relay division for the 10 miler, or have an event at the stadium that would be more track oriented.  Thanks for doing the ECFT, and thanks for the opportunity to provide some feedback."


If you would like to share your experience, email us at ECFT@fortcampbellmwr.com.

ECFT 2015

Overall Participation thru November 18, 2014
UPDATED LIST!! Please check the participation list for accuracy. To report any inaccuracies please email ECFT@fortcampbellmwr.com