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Adventure Programs


We will be doing our best to offer some great adventure trips throughout the year such as skiing, white water rafting, hiking, climbing and family trips.

See the adventure calendar for specific dates . Also we offer outdoor education experiences and instructional programs for those who want to learn more about the outdoors.

So keep your eyes open for these activities during the year. Visit MWR Online Services to view upcoming trips!

Warrior Adventure Quest

Warrior Adventure Quest
6621E 11th Airborne Division Road
Fort Campbell, KY 42223
Program Hours: Tue-Thur: 7:30am-1:30pm

WAQ is designed to re-create the adrenaline rush of combat action in a supervised, controlled, high adventure activity facilitated by the Outdoor Recreation Staff.

Warrior Adventure Quest instills cohesion, builds teamwork, empowers small unit leaders, and maintains combat readiness through high-adventure outdoor activities. This program enables Soldiers to reach a "new normal" by diminishing boredom and high-risk behavior through outdoor recreation and Leader Led After Action Debriefing. Soldiers will be able to draw similarities between the adventure activity and their Warrior experiences.

  • Funding provided by DA and Family & MWR Command
  • 12-60 Soldiers focused at Platoon Level (during duty hours)
  • WAQ consists of 2 outdoor activities in 2-hour time blocks (Challenge Course, Skeet, Paintball, Adventure Race, or Outdoor Rock Climbing)
  • All needed equipment provided

Unit Responsibilities & Eligibility

  • Coordinate WAQ platoon training through procedures laid out in CAM Regulation 350-1, Fort Campbell Training Directive. (Scheduled through Initial Resource Allocation Conference (14 weeks prior to new quarter) and Resource Allocation Conference (7 weeks prior to new quarter) hosted by G3). Priority given to units within 90 days of redeployment
  • Provide 12-60 Soldiers per WAQ focused at Platoon-level. Participants must stay for the whole activity time. Each participant must complete post-experience survey.
  • Provide Unit Action officer to serve as POC for coordination with ODR.
  • Each platoon must provide at least two SGT or above to receive L-LAAD training (training conducted by ODR staff).These Soldiers will conduct the L-LAAD, at the conclusion of the WAQ activity.
  • Provide transportation between facilities.
  • One WAQ per deployment cycle.

Challenge Course

The Challenge Course, located outside of gate 10, and across the street from Outdoor Recreation is an exciting and adventurous way to test your skills both individually and with a team.

Visit the Challenge Course page to learn more information.

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