Joe Swing, our newest recreation facility, is located just inside gate 1 overlooking Joe Swing Quarry.  Regardless of the time of year, the view is always relaxing!  Joe Swing Recreational Facility offers linens, a dance floor, a stage, and audio/visual support.  (Additional fees may apply.)

The Cole Park Chef and Eagle Catering are available to fill your food and beverage needs.


Tables and Chairs

We have chairs and tables available for your use at each facility.
JOE SWING: It is the responsibility of the person or entity renting the facility to set up, breakdown and clean up.  Please DO NOT take the indoor furniture outside.


If you need linens, napkins, etc. for your event, contact our event representative. A linen charge will be added for all functions, fees will vary depending on event type and size.

Podiums and Sound Systems

A podium and standup microphone are available at no charge.  Special audio/visual equipment such as lavaliere microphone, overhead projectors, screens, etc. is available for a fee. Please discuss your requirements with the management.  


Cole Park Commons and Joe Swing feature the most extensive and contemporary audio/visual equipment.  This includes direct connections for presentations, wireless microphones with speakers zoned to single or multiple areas, overhead screens and lighting. DJ’s are allowed to use the house systems with prior approval. 

Music and Entertainment

Live musical groups or other entertainment may be arranged through the Management Office.  Scheduled entertainment for Installation Special events may not be used for the exclusive use of private functions. Entertainment must comply with Army standards.

Décor, Photography Services, Special requests

The management office can assist you in contacting a professional to assist in your memorable occasion. Nails, tacks, staples, glue and tape MAY NOT be used to attach decorations to any facility surface.  Per fire code, no items may hang from the ceiling.  Open flame candles are also not allowed.  Candles may be lit if they are contained within a glass globe or other non-flammable container.  All decorations must be removed at the conclusion of the event. Management cannot be held responsible for any decorations left in the facility.  Confetti, sprinkles, sand, rice, bubbles, birdseed, and hay may not be used inside the facilities.  Use of any of these or similar items will result in a $500.00 Cleaning Fee.

Dance Floor

Cole Park Commons has a portable dance floor available for your special event. Please let management know at least 48 hours prior to the event.


Cole Park Commons has a portable stage available for your special event. Maximum stage size is 12 feet by 24 feet.


Army Regulation does not permit the introduction of food or beverages from an outside source by any patron, or group for consumption in the facility; with the exception of specialty items such as wedding cakes.

Food Service

A minimum of $1200 in food sales is required for events scheduled after business hours.
There are a number of menu selections available for your consideration. Additionally, we will review and consider a special recipe that you might request. Special recipes and menu selections will be priced and presented to you for consideration.

If a program or guest speaker is planned following a meal, we require a 20-minute break for our service personnel to remove plates prior to the program beginning.  Additional labor charges of $50 will be incurred if the 20-minute break is not observed.  The charge is a result of employees being held past their scheduled duty hours to clean up after the event.

Eagle Catering is not responsible for packaging any type of specialty items brought into the facility.

Due to liability issues and Army Regulation, Eagle Catering cannot permit catered food to be removed from the facility by guests after the completion of a function.

Beverage Service
Several options are available for you to consider. (A minimum of two hours is required when selecting bar service with a minimum of $100 in sales per hour.). Please ask our Catering Coordinator for more information.

COLE PARK COMMONS: No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the facility with the exceptions of GROGs (a fee or $15.00 per bottle will be charged).

JOE SWING: Alcoholic beverages may be brought into the facility for Unit organizational functions and weddings by the host or hostess for consumption during the event. Alcohol sales are prohibited by any off-post catering facility or private entity

Service Charges

A service charge of 18% is added to the total food purchase and host bar service for in-house functions. All special services requested, such as pouring individual toasting glasses, and cake cutting, a fee would be assessed.



Monday-Thursday for 4 hours
  all day
Friday  all day
Saturday- Sunday    all day


Monday-Thursday for 4 hours
  all day
Friday- Saturday  all day
Sunday  all day

Family Readiness Groups may rent Joe Swing for a four (4) hour block for official meetings.  FRGs must utilize funding set aside to support official FRG meetings.  If an FRG desires to have a social function, then standard fees apply and the official funds set aside for meetings may NOT be used.  FRGs are responsible for set up, breakdown and clean up during their rental time.  The FRG authorized representative is responsible for ensuring the key is returned to the Eagle Catering Office.  The Family Readiness Center has “first right of refusal” for all FRG Official Meetings.   Please contact the Family Readiness Center prior to calling Eagle Catering to reserve Joe Swing.

FRG Official Meeting Rental Fee - $ (0800-1200) or (1300-1700); either four (4) hour block may be reserved if available.

Audio & Visual Equipment             $
Linen Fee                                         $ per person

Dance Floor                                       $

Stage(12’ x 24’)                                 $

Joe Swing Joe Swing

Joe Swing

Joe Swing

Joe Swing

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